Shannon’s Top Tips

1. Don't make things complicated. Use the skills and techniques you already have and simply apply them to plant-based ingredients.

2. It can be challenging to achieve big bold flavours in vegan cooking, so use the CHEF range of Liquid Concentrates and Pastes for an instant flavour boost in any of your dishes, whether they're vegan or not.

3. The CHEF Demi Glace Liquid Concentrate is the perfect substitute for that rich meaty flavour normally achieved by roasting bones.

4. Jackfruit is a really amazing alternative to meat, it has a similar texture to slow cooked pork. I would recommend buying the tinned Jackfruit as it simplifies the process.

5. Braise whole mushrooms to achieve a similar texture and appearance to hearty chunks of beef in casseroles.

6. Many of your pantry staples are now available in a vegan equivalent, like gravy, pastry, fish sauce, and Parmesan. It's not as hard as some people think.

7. Seaweed lends a great flavour when trying to recreate seafood style dishes

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