Meet the Chef: Sven Ullrich

Meet Sven Ullrich, the Executive Chef of Hyatt Regency Sydney. No stranger to the Hyatt brand, Sven is originally from Germany and has worked alongside the global hotel chain in properties across Australia, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Germany and the U.S. In September, Sven hosted the Nestlé Golden Chef’s Hat Awards night at the Hyatt Regency Sydney, and the food he served up was outstanding!

As part of this event, we launched our new CHEF range of liquid concentrates and signature pastes. There were several components to the night; with Sven and his team kicking the event off with a roving entrée which featured the new CHEF range.

The night began in the Atrium of the Hyatt where Sven and his team  made a roving entrée for over 250 guests. Using the CHEF range, these dishes were all delicious, and were made vegan as we celebrated the new collaboration between CHEF X Shannon Martinez. Several delicious dishes served up at food stations include Black Bean Sliders using the CHEF Black Garlic Paste, giving an earthy and garlicky kick to the burger pattys. We also enjoyed mushroom bao buns using the CHEF Mushroom Liquid Concentrate and vegetable sausages which were also vegan, utilising the CHEF Legumes liquid concentrate.

We caught up Sven after the event, to talk about the prominent shift to both vegan and plant based eating in the food service landscape.

With a definite increase in requests for both vegan and plant-based dishes at his own venue, Sven addresses the seriousness that they must take these requests in the kitchen; just like they do with coeliac and gluten free dietary requirements.

“It challenges us chefs as a lot of our cooking in the past has been done on a protein base, such as in my training it was always taking the meat juices and reducing them… now all of a sudden we have to work with totally different flavours”

Sven chats to us about all things Plant-Based and Vegan in the current foodservice landscape

So what about the new CHEF range?

Sven highly recommends the CHEF range, pointing out the benefits for chefs in saving time with products you couldn’t recreate such as the CHEF Demi-Glace Concentrate, “unlike anything he could create himself” – which is vegan! After using these at his venue he details how they can be helpful to chefs in the right market, who can utilise this range to create unique flavours in a short amount of time.

He also explains the importance of being open to this food trend and listening to customers. “I’m educating myself a little bit now finding out what ingredients are out there that are plant-based that I can work with that have amazing flavour profile”

A huge thank you to Sven for your time and insights into the world of plant-based and vegan eating. It was a joy interviewing you, and also a delight in eating your food! If you're ever staying in Sydney or looking for a place to dine, we highly reccomend the Hyatt Regency Sydney!

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