Introducing two new flavour-packed CHEF options

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Introducing two new flavour-packed CHEF options

Get ready to discover the latest innovation in flavour concentrates from the ground-breaking CHEF range! Created by Chefs for Chefs, the range is designed to work together to create speciality cuisine bursting with authentic flavour, while saving busy chefs from preparation time and excessive cost.

Now you can cook up a storm with CHEF Fermented Pepper Paste and CHEF Asian Liquid Concentrate, two new flavours that will bring out the exquisite flavour in a variety of vegan dishes.

Savour the aroma of CHEF Fermented Pepper Paste

CHEF Fermented Pepper Paste offers a well-balanced aromatic flavour of pepper accentuated by enticing fermented notes. Powerful in taste and high in yield, its versatility makes it perfect for preparing a variety of authentic dishes. The green peppercorns are sourced from India, which have been carefully heat treated until they turn just the right shade of black. They are then naturally fermented in brine, with brown sugar, cognac, shallot purée and salt added for taste.

The fermentation process mellows the heat of the pepper while maintaining the intense pepper flavour. At the same time, it increases the acidity for a delicious tinge of sharpness, while the peppercorn pieces provide the perfect texture for your culinary masterpiece.

It’s ideal for a variety of vegan dishes which would normally use pepper, and delivers a more complex and balanced flavour profile. It also enhances the acidity of a dish and intensifies all the other flavours, making it perfect for a variety of gravies, sauces (like pepper sauce and mushroom sauce) as well as rubs and marinades (great for thin layer on your steak or a rub on slow-cooked meats.) It also works great with butter and mashed potatoes, and can enhance the flavour of many menu favourites like cone carne, beef bourguignon, curries, baked vegetables or pepper steak pie.

“What I love most about the CHEF range is that it can be added to any dish, at any point, for epic flavour.” – Shannon Martinez, Head Chef of Smith and Daughters Melbourne


Celebrate South East Asian flavour with CHEF Asian Liquid Concentrate

The CHEF Asian Liquid Concentrate brings a South East Asian flair to your vegan dishes, and has the distinctive aroma and flavour of coriander, lemongrass and Kaffir lime with a hint of chilli and coconut flavours. Suitable for Vegan & Vegetarian cuisine, this concentrate is Gluten free and endorsed by Coeliac Australia. Designed to dissolve instantly, it comes in a rich liquid form which can be added drop by drop to a dish to get the precise flavour you envision.

One of the biggest challenge’s chefs face when creating this flavour from scratch is that it’s taste profile is hard to replicate precisely. There’s just too much variance in fresh produce and individual chef preferences to get a consistent taste every time. It can also be expensive: fresh coriander, lemongrass, Kaffir lime, chilli and coconut, are not always easy to come by.

The CHEF Asian Liquid Concentrate is a wonderful solution. Since it comes in a concentrated, liquid, ready-to-pour format, you can precisely control how much flavour gets infused into your dish, and you can add it to any dish at any time in the cooking process.

Delicious and versatile, it brings Asian-inspired dishes to vibrant life, including curries, soups, dressings, marinades, stir fries & wok dishes. It’s also great for creating your signature Pho broth, and adds a rich dimension of flavour to Asian favourites like Thai green curry, Balinese curry, jungle curry and steaming miso noodle broth.


The CHEF brand is revolutionising Vegan cuisine

CHEF has been producing high-quality products for kitchens across Europe for over 40 years. Made by chefs for chefs, the CHEF team is committed to the highest culinary standards, while also giving chefs the tools to experiment and explore — so they can not only follow classic traditions, but create new ones. Our mission is to make products that are just as good as the ones chefs would make from scratch in their own kitchen.

Bring your culinary creations to life
Cut down preparation time and costs in the kitchen without compromising on quality.