Intense Chicken Flavour is now Vegan!

The team at CHEF have just launched a NEW Chicken Style Liquid Concentrate that is the latest innovation in stock making and flavour concentrates.

With roasted chicken-like flavour notes and aroma, it’s hard to believe that it is vegan.

It can be diluted into a clear stock which is an ideal substitute for time consuming scratch-made chicken stock, or simply added straight into a dish to boost the flavour.

  • Tastes like roasted chicken with intense aroma
  • Vegan and gluten free
  • Convenient 1L bottle, makes 33.3L of stock
  • Intense flavour at any stage of the cooking process
  • Ideal for use in both chicken and vegetable dishes, risottos, pasta dishes and soups

This new product is part of a broader range of Liquid Concentrates and Signature Pastes, which consists of:

  • Liquid Concentrates: Mushroom, Vegetable, Asian and Demi Glace
  • Signature Pastes: Red & Port Wine Reduction, Fermented Pepper Paste and Black Garlic.

The CHEF portfolio is loved by many chefs. Brand ambassador Shannon Martinez (Head Chef and Owner of vegan restaurants Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli in Melbourne) says

“The thing I love most about the CHEF range is that they can be added to any kind of dish and at any point”


They are available to order from food service distributors or Amazon. To place an order contact your local CHEF Representative on 1800 20 30 50 or visit

Contact details

Phone: 1800 20 30 50

Instagram: @chef_anz

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