CHEF X Shannon Martinez Collaboration Announced!

As demand increases for more Vegan and Plant Based menu options, the CHEF team has partnered with Shannon Martinez; leading Vegan Chef in Australia.

Sydney, Australia – November 2019 – To inspire bold, innovative thinking in chefs looking to meet the demand for more plant-based and vegan menu options, the CHEF team has partnered with leading vegan cooking aficionado, Head Chef and owner of Melbourne’s Smith & Daughters, Shannon Martinez.

Born and raised in Fitzroy; and as a meat-eating vegan chef, Shannon brings excitement, passion and new techniques to vegan cooking - something which is shaking up the Australian foodservice landscape.

As one-third of Australians are now consuming a reduced meat or flexitarian diet[1], the foodservice industry will have to make changes to their menus. To help inspire chefs to up their plant-based and vegan menus and simplify vegan cooking, Shannon Martinez has developed a series of delicious recipes utilising the new CHEF range of Vegan and Vegetarian Liquid Concentrates & Pastes.

“The drive in vegan food is huge and it’s only going to get bigger. It’s really time that restaurants start focusing on it for the sake of your customers and your business. My advice for chefs who might not have touched on vegan cooking much before is to not think of it as something scary or new. It’s just a matter of having a play, finding your substitutes and applying that to what you know already,” said Shannon Martinez of the launch.

“The thing I love most about the CHEF range is that it can be added to any kind of dish at any point; it can be diluted into stocks or simply thrown straight into a dish to boost the flavour. So, instead of having to focus for a year on learning new cooking techniques, you can throw in a spoonful of this or a splash of that and turn something from ‘yum’ to ‘epic’ in a second; getting those big, bold flavours that you are used to getting from your non-vegan menu into vegan dishes.”

The new CHEF range of intense flavour concentrates includes three Liquid Concentrates and two Signature Pastes. They are intense, rich flavours that can be added to any dish, at any stage in the cooking process. The entire new CHEF range is vegan, with the exception of Red & Port Wine Reduction, which is vegetarian, and endorsed as gluten-free by Coeliac Australia –with no compromise to flavour.

Mark Clayton, CHEF Executive Chef, said of the partnership, “We know this is a movement that is only going to grow, that’s why we are excited to partner with Shannon Martinez as we want to inspire Australian chefs to up their plant-based and vegan menus to capture this growing market. She's run with the bold and innovative flavours from our new CHEF range and has created some fantastic recipes.”

“The new CHEF range is truly innovative as it allows chefs to achieve rich, intense flavours across their entire menu and can be added at any stage of the cooking process. Bold flavours are a challenge when cooking Vegan and Vegetarian… particularly in sauces and broths. The range helps to solve this problem. Chefs can easily achieve upfront savoury flavours in their sauces and broths that would be expensive and difficult to achieve with fresh produce." Mark Clayton explains.

To request a product demonstration with sampling of the new CHEF Liquid Concentrate and Signature Paste range, please contact the team at CHEF on 1800 20 30 50, or visit or message us through Instagram @CHEF_ANZ.



Introducing the latest innovation in flavour concentrates. The new CHEF range includes three Liquid Concentrates and two Signature Pastes that allow chefs to add intense, rich flavour to any dish at any stage of the cooking process, from pre-cooking to final plating.

The CHEF Liquid Concentrate range can be diluted to make a stock or added drop by drop to any dish until you get the precise flavour you want. Designed to be added in countless ways to stocks, marinades, sous-vide cooking and both hot and cold sauces, dressings, vinaigrettes, mayonnaise, the range includes:

    • CHEF Mushroom Liquid Concentrate - Made with shiitake and other forest mushrooms for a distinctive mushroom aroma and flavour.
      • 190mL bottle makes 6.3L stock
      • Vegan & Vegetarian
      • Gluten Free
    • CHEF Vegetable Liquid Concentrate – A fresh, well-balanced mirepoix base with herb notes for an authentic vegetable taste.
      • 200mL bottle makes 6.6L stock
      • Vegan & Vegetarian
      • Gluten Free
    • CHEF Demi-Glace Liquid Concentrate – A perfect base for brown sauces, with prominent red wine, tomato notes and rich aroma.
      • 200mL bottle makes 6.6L stock
      • Vegan & Vegetarian
      • Gluten Free


  • The CHEF Signature Paste range includes two intense, on-trend pastes that provide full freedom in menu development and experimentation with taste, whilst allowing you to develop your own signature touch. Already concentrated and reduced to save preparation time, the range includes:

      • CHEF Black Garlic Paste - Made with pre-fermented black garlic, this aromatic paste creates a sweet and umami rich flavour.
        • Remove the hassle of having to ferment garlic from 60 to 90 days
        • Vegan & Vegetarian
        • Gluten Free


      • CHEF Red & Port Wine Reduction Paste - A classic red wine reduction paste, which delivers a balance of sweetness and acidity.
        • Equivalent to 7L of red and port wine per tub
        • Vegetarian
        • Gluten Free


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