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The CHEF brand has a proud heritage. It was founded in France in 1976 with an ambition to help professional chefs uphold their high standards in increasingly challenging kitchen environments.

In the following years, a portfolio of high quality products was created, based on classic French Escoffier principles and with an uncompromising commitment to culinary craftsmanship. The range is designed to work together to create dishes that are full of authentic flavour.

Today, quality and authenticity remain as important to chefs as ever, but our brand faces a changed culinary world.

We know as chefs you are are now inspired by a far wider range of influences. You look to cuisines from diverse regions and a wider range of traditional and contemporary processes.

We know you make decisions with a heightened interest in provenance and sustainability of ingredients. Chefs today are hungrier than ever to embrace and share new ideas.

We remain committed to the highest standards, while also giving chefs the tools to experiment and explore — so they can not only follow classic traditions, but create new ones.

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