The CHEF range of liquid concentrates, signature pastes and reduced stocks help you add flavour to any dish and at any stage of the cooking process, from pre cooking to plating.

  • The thing I love the most about the CHEF range is that it can be added to any kind of dish and at any point, it can be diluted into stocks or simply thrown straight into a dish to boost the flavour.
    Shannon Martinez - Head Chef and Owner
    Smith and Daughters
  • If you're chasing things like consistency, or you don't have the resources to make everything from scratch every single day, the CHEF range really can come in handy to assist in your operation.
    Chris Thornton - Head Chef and Owner
    Restaurant Mason
  • You have a Demi Glace that is vegan, that’s pretty cool! There is no way that I would be able to create that myself, to actually offer a vegan person a Demi Glace. They are really good products that help us cut down time.
    Sven Ullrich - Head Chef and Owner
    Hyatt Regency Sydney
  • Authentic flavour, great value and timesaver in compact size. CHEF is an excellent product with the perfect blend of flavour. It helps us to retail consistency of every dish we serve – again it’s a time and labour saver in a compact size. Easy to store and no spillage!
    Rahul Wagh – Head Chef
    Sebel Hotel
  • As a professional chef have been waiting years. It is an excellent alternative to pre-made stocks from the likes of “Foundation Foods” and a significantly better product than any one of the number of powdered stocks available.
    Colin Corbett – Food Services Coordinator
    Southern Cross Hospital
Creamy Black Garlic and Rappa Spaghettini
Product: CHEF Black Garlic Paste
“It’s simple, fresh, massive flavour and super delicious. It’s just one of those winners that everyone’s going to love.” Shannon Martinez, Head Chef & Owner of Smith & Daughters, Melbourne

Vegan dishes that don’t step back
As demand increases for more Vegan and Plant Based menu options, the CHEF team has partnered with Shannon Martinez; leading Vegan Chef in Australia.
Bring your culinary creations to life
Cut down preparation time and costs in the kitchen without compromising on quality.